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5 secret ingredients of an Exquisite Logo


Karl Lagerfeld said well,

Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English--but are great in remembering signs” 

I agree; logos are inevitably the easiest way to remember the company or brand’s name. Are you all set to start your business? Haven’t decided your logo yet? Why don’t you consult any well-known professional logo design company? They design and create the best logos apt for your business and company, have you ever examined their work closely? I have had a great and memorable experience of consulting logo deigning company 2 years ago when I started my catering business. Being an entrepreneur, I launched my own catering business on domestic scale, my food quality was admired by everyone encompassing my neighbor, friends, relatives, and acquaintance, my son helped me to promote my business and expand it to different areas and societies by making a logo for my business.

My son took me to one logo Design Company, they asked about my business, and my objective behind serving food to others, etc. They showed me different samples of their master logo designs which were an outstanding example of creativity at its own, and provided me an exquisite logo design for my business; I can’t tell how rapidly it spread my business to different corners of the city, in fact it spread globally as well, but due to some personal problems I had to wind up my business. It’s been 2 years now my logo is still famous in different areas, and my recipe books are still available. That day I noticed that professional designers have creativity in their veins; I wonder what makes their logo unique that any general person can never make it? By close peep into this field and by learning how they actually do it, I come up with the fact that for creating an extremely perfect and beautiful logo 5 secret ingredients are required, secret in the sense that everyone perhaps is not enlightened by these facts, whereas professionals think from all aspects and try everything to do their best, thus when experiment works they keep it secret instead of disclosing it.

Would you like to know what are that 5 basic ingredients that can give your logo a unique and attractive taste and look? Take a look;

Your logo must be...


According to above mentioned quote, people can remember simple signs and symbols in order to memorize them. As it is said that“Beauty lies in simplicity” so does logo designing, the more it’s simple, the more it will look graceful and elegant, for instance the logo of Apple company, when we see their mobile and iPod, we don’t have to tell their name, but there logo is enough to tell its belonging due to simple apple sign that is easy to remember, Nike has tick logo, another reason to remember this company, the more logo design will be remembered, the more people will buy it. Simple!


It is the following factor of previous one; the more logo will be memorable, the more it will get fame. Complex designs are not easy to remember. In some cases, suppose physical retarded dumb person want to buy something from branded company, he/she can’t speak company’s name, but can tell it via drawing its logo provided that logo is easy enough to memorize. Again example of Apple, and Nike is apt here.


Besides simplicity, another factor that should be present in logo is it must be enduring that can run till long time. For instance Adidas, the name is quite old, but it has retained its good reputation and business till now. 


An eye-catching and impressive logo should be easy to fit in all tools of marketing such as brochures, banners, pamphlets, catalogs, and websites. It should be all-around.


Last but not the least, logo should be worthy of its name and functions, a logo that is suitable for brand and company’s name and complement it. For instance, McDonalds and Toblerone Chocolate.

Good Luck for your Business life!

1/19/2016 2:41:27 PM
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